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UniPro Foodservice, Inc. is the largest foodservice distribution cooperative in the United States. Comprising over 462 members with over 750 locations, each distributor is independently owned, marketing the products and services provided by UniPro Foodservice. With a collective sales volume of over $60 billion, and over 500 approved suppliers, the buying power of UniPro enables its members to receive enhanced purchasing opportunities, thereby providing better pricing and a vast array of products and services.

Meet the Brands

Maplevale Farms

Maplevale Farms Brand products are packed by suppliers that understand what our customers want - high quality products that are consistent and at a good price. We only put our name on items that meet those standards. Some of the product offerings include a line of fully cooked Meats that are made to our specification and cooked sous vide so the juices are sealed in and the product is cooked to perfection. We offer a full line of Appetizers as well as over 25 flavors of Ice Cream.

Creekstone Farms

Creekstone Farms cattle are hand-picked based on verifiable Black Angus genetics, not just black hide. Only 1 in 100 cattle represent the Creekstone Brand. Cattle are 100% raised and grazed in the USA and 100% corn finished for consistency in tenderness and flavor. Humane handling provides beef that tastes better and is more tender. State-of-the-art processing of superior cattle at a single plant running only one shift with one USDA grader ensures consistent product.


With over 80 years of market presence, the Nugget Brand is one of the most highly recognized and respected in the foodservice industry. Nugget Brand offers 3 levels of quality. Maplevale Farms carries only Nugget's highest quality Black Label products with specifications of Grade A Fancy.

Unipro Marquis

This foodservice brand is nationally recognized and provides value, quality and consistency in all product categories. Marquis is well known to all types of customers from family owned restaurants to institutional accounts.


No longer just a specialty niche market, take-out business now comprises over 50% of the total Foodservice Marketplace. In response to this, the Companions Brand was developed to help meet the challenging needs of this fast growing market. Take-Out styrofoam containers, cups, napkins, etc., etc., are just some of the many products that make up the Companions product line.


Located in the historic Tuscany region of Italy, the city of Cortona boasts of the vibrant tastes and flavors of Italy. The Cortona Brand borrows from this heritage in bringing to your table some of the finest Italian products available in the foodservice industry.

World Horizons

This brand offers a full line of quality imports from around the world. They have the high quality standards you have come to expect from UniPro. They are continuously inspected for your complete satisfaction. World Horizon products include tuna, artichokes, pineapple, ripe olives, grapefruit, mandarin oranges, mushrooms, specialty products and many more. For world class products, trust the World Horizons label.


The after-dinner coffee is one of the last things your patrons remember as they leave your restaurant. In response to this, the Reflections, Goldrush & Motherlode blends of coffee were created. Sourced from some of the finest coffee growing regions in the world, these coffee blends are truly some of the foodservice industry's finest coffees.