• Why Maplevale Farms?

Your Answer lies below...

We are an independent food service distributor that is able to make business decisions based on the needs of our customers. Truth is, we are dependent on having long term satisfied, profitable customers. We know that without you we would be in trouble. The continued success of our customers' business is first and foremost in our business plan.

We continue to look at and improve our product mix based on the needs of our valued customer base. We understand how important having consistent, high quality and affordable products is to your business. Maplevale is part of the UniPro Food Service buying cooperative. This affords us the luxury of being able to combine our purchasing with over 650 other Independent Food Service Distributors in over 900 locations. The combined yearly sales of all of these Independent Distributors is over $60 billion.

Our greatest asset is our experienced team of associates. We take our jobs seriously and our goal is to keep our customers happy and profitable. We have many controls in place to assure our service is unmatched. We service our own fleet of trucks and trailers. This helps to assure that our deliveries get to you in good condition and in a timely manner. We have our own service department for coffee, juice, ware wash and laundry. We know that when a customer calls with an issue nobody can resolve it better than our own associates. Another great asset is our facility. At 200,000 square feet with 9 different temperature zones we are able to stock what our customers need and store the product at the correct temperature to provide the highest quality product possible.

We know there are many choices when it comes to food service distributors. We look to provide our customers with services and products that make a difference. We thank you for your business. It is important to all of us here at Maplevale.